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Bringing together creativity & community in the heart of the Ouseburn.
Engaging surrounding communities, creating opportunities and showcasing NE talent in Newcastle's first street art festival.

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ELEMENTS will be a high profile showcase of public street art embedded at a local level. Injecting life into a patch of land in the Ouseburn - Newcastle’s art quarter - the festival will provide opportunity for huge wall murals creating a spectacular, free, public gallery. Using core themes of celebrating local creativity & sense of place, ELEMENTS will also feature public facing, community aimed workshops & activities leading to the large-scale showcase of street art accompanied by a host of exciting offers. Expect hands on activities, demonstrations, markets, live music & refreshments.

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ELEMENTS is being led by local artist Mark One87 and Building Culture, with support from Project North East. Our collaborative approach sees us working with and supported by a host of local organisations, artists and community groups to create a high impact, colourful and energetic event, with year round legacy.

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Calling on its rich heritage as Newcastle’s cultural quarter, ELEMENTS will bring together local artists, community groups, businesses and visitors in the Ouseburn through Newcastle's first public street art festival.

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  •  Artists will benefit from being part of a high impact, North East showcase, and future artists will find inspiration.

  • Community groups will be engaged in workshops and activities, providing skills, opportunities and relationships as well as routes into the arts.

  • Locals, visitors and businesses alike will benefit from a dynamic injection of public artwork.

  • People will find platforms and opportunities to help inform the site longer term and to join the wider conversation about the Ouseburn Valley

  • All of this will bring people together, building upon a sense of place, pride and ownership encouraging people to celebrate the areas in which they live, work and play.



The plan is to transform a plot of land in the Ouseburn, Newcastle, into an outdoor gallery featuring large scale works from local artists. Building on the creative environment which has existed in the area for a long time!

The event will also expand out into the surrounding areas to provide community art projects which engage with local people and community groups in the run up to the main event.

Our vision for this is to create an event which brings a wide range of artists together including mural, graffiti and street artists, to transform a space as a live main event which will be open to the public, with creative workshops, art markets, music and other activities to create a weekend full of colour!

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We're actively working with the various surrounding communities and artists to inform the event. This deeper, more embedded approach seeks to include voices not usually heard through these processes, creating more meaningful engagement and community involvement.


We have a strong evidence base for community outreach work within the field of street art and graffiti via project artist Mark One87. Many examples document positive outcomes in the areas of empowerment, civic pride, wellbeing, cultural exchange and boosts to the local economy and we want to include as many local community members in our work as possible with this project.

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We're making sure our project complements existing work in the area: the art market, the community garden and The Ouseburn Festival are just a few examples and already emergent opportunities are presenting themselves for crossover and support with more communities.

Growing support and crossover already includes: Wild Roots Community Garden, Northern Print, The Ouseburn Trust, The Ouseburn Market, Shieldfield Youth Programme with more conversations happening each day.

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Do you want to see a festival weekend full of amazing artworks being painted live by the North East's finest artists?

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We are running a crowd fund campaign with Spacehive

ELEMENTS is coming this summer to the heart of the Ouseburn BUT we need your support to help us get matched with funders through Spacehive's innovative crowdfunding platform.

Pledge, like and share if you want to see a festival weekend full of amazing artworks being painted live by the North East's finest.

Pledges as little as £2 go a long way to help us bring this to life.


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